The content of this blog  are the sole property of Andreas Ignotus (andreasignotus.wordpress.com), less the parts that are assigned to others, having the previous consent.

Reproduction of anything found here it can be done only after author’s consent and recalling source with a link, but common sense is required anyway.

Violation of this mutual agreement in a prejudicial manner or/and ill-intentioned may lead to consequences that could be avoided, if there is a shred of respect and ethics.

The moral responsibility, legal or any other type of set, all belong to the authors, either the blog (Andreas Ignotus) or comments (readers).

The comments pass all through moderation, when you keep the limit of decency. If comments do not appear, the reason will be explained a.s.a.p. by e-mail (if you leave here the real one) by Andreas Ignotus.

I know that I should not name my haiku, but I prefer some names instead of numbers…and the names are pointing the reader in the right direction also. What is a number?

© Andreas Ignotus

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