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It is a great feeling to know you have so many friends around the world. In less than one and a half month I had the pleasure to “meet” so many wonderful people. Is like a world tour because every time I see a new flag on my map(It is a map and lower some lists with the countries you came from to visit my humble blog)  I start to read about it and I try to see the places from where you all are coming from. Those are the times when I think “Maybe the world is not that big anymore”. So, 47 countries, 31/51 states of the great US of A, over 300 followers and 400 comments, more than 5,000 page views(I installed the widget only after about 10 days after starting this blog) in this short time.


I never visited 47 countries before, but now I did it thanks to you.


31 out of 51 USA states…looks great. Thanks a lot.

Flags USA

It is a great feeling to know I have met so many people from so many different countries … and, Yes, the world is not that big anymore.

We may find the peace and the joy in our lives,