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Dear friends,

My book becomes bigger and bigger every day, but the real challenge seems to be everything else than the effective writing. For a self published author there are a lot of issues to solve by yourself starting from covers of the book, finding a good enough( price vs. quality) typography to print the book, but the most challenging I find to be the composition of the book itself. In what sequence I will arrange my poems? The book is not finished yet, but this just crossed my mind. I read a lot a and I saw different ways, but at this moment I just don’t know if to like it or not or if it is another new way to do it … in such a way than to transmit the message better. It is not easy, but it is fun…it is like waiting a baby to be born. I am a father of three beautiful girls and I waited a lot the birth moment, but I was never a mother of something and just now I fell like a mother or better said just how I think a mother can feel in her carrying days. So, from going through a dilemma to a trilemma was easier and my trilemma is growing everyday.