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sanziene-galbene-galium-verumI have just wrote a tanka about The Night of the Goldenrod and, having the experience with another tanka of mine(Though love), which I had the pleasure to explain it in an article(The Sun and the Moon-the myths), I will not wait too long to make an haibun  for explaining, the best I can, the meaning of this Night of the Goldenrod.

 The goldenrod, in Romanian tradition, is both flowers and fairies originated in an ancient solar cult. Goldenrod are wild flowers with golden-yellow petals (very rare are those with white petals), smelling of honey, each petal looking like a cross. The flower opens beautifully on June 24th, when, in the Orthodox Christian calendar, is recorded the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.

Romanian beliefs, habits and even superstitions about this holiday sais that the  dew collected from the flowers, in the morning of June 24, before sunrise, have magical healing powers and it is “water of the stars” or “tears of the stars” As fairies, the goldenrod are beautiful women, some true priestesses of the sun, nocturnal divinity hidden by dark forests, unexplored by man, they are loved by “stars and the winds”(so, by the nature of cosmic and terrestrial), and’ ‘the choir” of the fairies, carried by the wind which is intermediate between heaven and earth, glorifies harmony between man and the Universe.

In the night of the 24th of June, virgins put under the pillow the goldenrod flowers, to dream the face of their future groom. During the day, they make a bouquet, going on field and adding ears of wheat and poppies collected from a crop field. Their waist belt is full of goldenrod, poppies and ears of corn and in the evening at the dance, the boys sprinkle the girls with clean, fresh water from the fountain or the spring, brought in pitchers.

White pillow wrapping

goldenrod for the girl to

see her weird in dreams

Goldenrod flowers are allowed to dry, are preserved and transmitted to future generations, believing that they have the role of a talisman. Dried goldenrod kept from grandmother they are bringing them luck in love and health to the dreaming maidens – according to the pop belief.

And do not forget that the first day that the fireflies begin to shine is June 24, in The Night of the Goldenrods.