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Sun&MoonMy tanka THOUGH LOVE has aroused some interest (19 comments), I tried to explain the myths that inspired me in the comments area, but, being with some friends that came over for the weekend, I had not enough time to post a decent text. So, today I will try to explain you the marvelous myths that I know from elders or from my readings.

  He, the Sun, is seen by all the world’s cultures as opposing darkness reigns over her sister the Moon. The sun is seen as living and holy: “Holy Sun”. He  is a very nice young man, whose face is so bright that illuminates the whole earth. When he dismounts in the evening, the Sun eats a piece of wafer and drinks a glass of wine. Sometimes it is said that the sun is eating three times a day: morning and evening he is eating well and at noon a corner of a wafer and a glass of wine. The Moon is the feminine symbol of fertility, vegetation growth, renovation of the nature and renewal of the time.

Sometimes, depending on their gender, grammatical roles change: for some nations (Germans, Slavs, Islamic nations), the moon is male and the sun – woman. In the Germanic area is believed that a girl should not stay naked under the moonlight as it can get pregnant. The Moon works here as a male deity of fertilization (same faith appears in ancient Egyptian world).

Due to the disappearance of her for three nights, when many people think it was swallowed by monsters, the moon is regarded as “the first death”. Therefore, monthly deities (Persephone, Hecate, Hermes, etc..) are htoniene and funeral. But the moon is the first dead who rises again. At the ancient Romanians is believed that the souls of the werewolves are going up to heaven and eat moon or sun. Werewolves, like ghosts or poltergeists arise from many sources, such as un baptized children born with abnormalities, people who killed a brother or sister, etc..

The Moon, as we see, is human: at the beginning she is small and thin as a child and the sky looks like a nail, then she grows, her wings stretch and is round like a penny. It grows , like a human being, in the prime of the life, but from now begins to age and her wings become smaller wings as a finger nail and dies, disappears, as human’s life disappears, then arises again.

As the sister of the Sun, the Moon becomes the symbol of female beauty, a virgin sister forever doomed to unhappiness.

Story of Sun and Moon are in a ballad that is called really, The Sun and the Moon. Sun is proud lad who seeks a bride on the contrary, wandering to the “world, the country still with longing / city nine times” riding “nine horses bred in heaven” (variant of Transylvania). Unable to find the pair in the world, the hero returns to heaven, choosing his sister, “The weaver Moon”, “Daughter of God”, “Mrs. of the Flowers”, “Sister of the Sun and the Earth.” The reason: “we fit / my face is gold / And yours is brilliant;/ My face is burning / And yours comforting …”

But “No! / Where you’ve seen / And you’ve known, / Where you’ve heard / And to mention / That the brother to marry sister / and sister the brother?” God intervenes and restores order, preventing the wedding.

In fact, not all variants of the ballad are  telling how the wedding was stopped because the Morning Star is considered to be their child, showing to the other stars the road. In the Romanian astral mythology, morning stars, sons of the Sun, they can descend to earth to watch how people comply to the luminaries. The Morning Star inherits his parents ambivalence, being the first star of the evening, and the last star goes off in the morning.

There are more sad tells about the subject of the impossible love, but, maybe, we will talk about another time.

© Andreas Ignotus