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Zakynthos mapWhen I was a child I hated expository text works in literature even if I was a member in a number of “literature circles”. Maybe I was just too young and not very wise. I was about to say smart, but looking back I think I should add that, too. So, be gentle with this travelogue and don’t expect the unespected. Expect only to read about a gorgeous place and his wonderful sights, to see some of what I saw(I don’t have yet a profi camera yet but I bet you will get the picture), some feelings shared(I will do my best) and what else I found about this beautiful Greek island, even if it is said “don’t trust the Greeks …”. They offer you wonderful seascapes full of history that is hard to find somewhere else, at least in Europe, that makes you/me write about.

Firrst of all, my girlfriend bought some tickets with about half year before the day of departure. They were very cheep but, since we were broke, she used almost all of our money at the moment. She told me only few days before leaving. She’s great at preparing surprises, trust me. She has to live with the curiosity-monger but she is the “master of disguise”.

Woman’s intensions

rounding deeper matryoshka-

master of disguise.

  I have changed a lot of things about myself lately, but I decided that the curiosity I will keep in some usefull form. So, she did it, she surprised me. Lucky her she picked an island, lucky me-otherwise I was “forced” to go who knows where. I’m just kidding, she knows me better than I do. I love islands and I have a deep affection for history(ancient, modern, greek, latin… you name it) since forever, way before the internet era, when you had to buy real books or to go to a public library to read. By the way, we still have public libraries or they are all museums by now?

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWe choosed to go by car, considering we were in the area, over the Rio Artirion Bridge that connects the mainland to Peloponnese peninsula in the southern Greece. From the height(and it is high) of the bridge you will see on a side the Gulf of Patras and on the other one the Gulf of Corinth. Can you feel the history floating on those legendary waters? I do at those greek names stimulus. Can you see Poseidon rising from those perfect blue waters?

contest_poseidonBig waves on the sea-

the celestial horses

tamed by Poseidon.

I saw him latter sailing arround the island. I will show him to you later on the next parts of … this.

AIZAfter passing the bridge, we had to head south to Killini to bring the ferry-boat to Zakynthos. There are good roads and the ferry service is excellent and I enjoyed every second of the 90 minutes passing. We had a perfect sunrise when crossing the sea aboard the ferry. In my humble opinion, all the sunrises are perfect, but this one I really had time to enjoy all the way from my heels to my heart(sometimes I keep my feelings in there) and then deeply through my nerves.

Here we are in the Greek island, third largest in the Ionian Archipelago from Ionian Sea. If you read Homer’s masterpieces Iliad (Song of Ilionor Odyssey you will remeber that Zakynthos was the son of Dandanos of Troy. The island was conquered many times, including by the venetians(they named it Zante) in the Middle Ages, France later or was under British protectorate and became a meber of the Greek state only in the second half of the XIX century.

vila margarita-zakynthosWe checked in to a modest  and homey vila, very well mantained by a greek family, I assume, as allmost every small business on the island . As you see, we never missed the flowers and a beautiful vew waited us every morning from our private balcony. I fact, not so private since I was able to hear everything two elder ladies, living next room were, but they were so funy and they made my day every morning with their hilarious chit-chats about everything.

Now I see that I was laying on it and about the sights, trees, flowers and all the rest we will have to talk about tomorow…

… because tomrow will be another day to live,to love, to laugh, to write.

© Andreas Ignotus